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The Teamsters and Toronto & Vicinity Ready-Mix Producers’ Pension Plan (the “Plan”) became effective January 1975. It was established to provide you with a measure of financial security upon your retirement. The appointed Union and Employer Trustees oversee the administration and operation of the Fund.

All contributions to fund the Plan are remitted by your employer each month to an independent investment manager who invests the monies and the custodian; RBC Investor Services pays the required benefits to all members as they become due.

The Trustees are ultimately responsible for the administration of benefits and the investment of assets of the Plan. The Administrative Agent, Benefit Plan Administrators Limited, along with qualified external experts supports them.

This guide is for explanatory purposes only and while every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy in those explanations, any disputes concerning particular rights or entitlements will be governed exclusively by the provisions of the Trust Agreement, the Plan Text and subsequent amendments and applicable legislation.

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In the event of any discrepancy between the contents of this website and the plan documents, the plan documents will apply.