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Normal Retirement

Your Normal Retirement Date is the first day of the month coincident with or next following the month in which you attain age sixty-five (65).

If you wish to commence your pension at your Normal Retirement Date, payable on an unreduced basis, you must have retired from active employment (i.e. terminated your employment).

Early Retirement

You may retire early at any time after you have attained the age of 55 provided you have retired from active employment both under the terms of the Collective Agreement and from your Employer.

Your early retirement pension will be calculated in the same manner as your normal retirement pension, but reduced in accordance with the terms of the Plan, to take into account your early retirement date.

Postponed Retirement

You can continue to work after your Normal Retirement Date and will continue to receive pension accruals under the Plan, provided your Employer makes contributions on your behalf. However, by law, you must start receiving your pension no later than December 1st of the calendar year in which you attain age seventy-one (71). Once you commence your pension, you will not be entitled to receive any additional pension accruals under the Plan.

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